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Use cases: Find and Replace by Easy Apps

Use case: Submit becomes Save

‘Submit’ buttons are now called ‘Save’ in the new version of the app. The change was made based on user testing which showed that submit was not as clear as save.

Use case 1:

A corporation recently underwent a rebranding process, changing its taglines and some terminologies associated with its services. All of these elements are referenced across hundreds of pages in their internal and external Confluence spaces. Manually updating this information would be time-consuming and prone to errors.

How the App Helps:

The Confluence app’s find and replace feature would enable the team to quickly identify all occurrences of the old taglines and terminologies. They can replace them with the updated versions across all the affected pages in just one action. This ensures consistency and accuracy in reflecting the new brand identity, saving significant time and effort.

Use case 2: Modifying Regulatory Compliance Terminologies


A financial institution has a Confluence space dedicated to policies, procedures, and guidelines ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Recently, some of the legal terminologies and compliance standards’ names were changed due to amendments in law.

How the App Helps:

Leveraging the find and replace feature, the legal and compliance teams can instantly locate outdated legal terms and compliance standard names across the entire space. They can update these to reflect the current legal language and standards. This ensures that all documentation is up-to-date, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential legal issues.

In both use cases, the app improves efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in managing content, particularly in dynamic environments where changes are frequent and impact multiple documents or pages. This is crucial for maintaining up-to-date, reliable information across Confluence spaces.


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