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How to use Redirection for Confluence

Let’s create a redirect, it only takes 1 minute

Step 1: get the app

Redirection by Easy Apps for Confluence Cloud is a macro. You first must have the app installed (ask your Confluence administrator to install Redirection by Easy Apps).

Step 2: add the macro to a page

To add a new Confluence macro to your page, while in edit mode type the backspace character / or select the [+ ⌄] drop-down. You will open the macro selection area, then start typing ‘redirection’.

Click on Redirection by Easy Apps.

Step 3: destination type

Choose 1 of 5 options

Step 4: destination

Based on what you selected in Step 1 you either start typing a title or paste in a link.

You get suggestions as you type for pages, spaces and attachments.

Step 5: force redirect (removes deny option)

When the page loads the user gets a popup.

  • By default the Deny option is available, represented by grey toggle.

  • To remove the Deny option, and require the user to go to the page you want to redirect to, slide the toggle to green.

Step 6: enable redirect

  • Green means the redirect is active. It is green by default.

  • If you want to draft the direct or temporarily stop it, slide the toggle to grey. When it is grey the redirect is disabled.

Step 7: last step

About the preview in the macro edit

The preview shows what the user sees when loads the page. It updates automatically as you edit the redirect. It displays as a popup when the page loads, the background behind the popup is greyed out.

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