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Release notes: Label Manager by Easy Apps

2.10: October 18th 2023


Required scopes changed


A link that was not working was fixed.

Required scopes changed:

  • Removed: read:me

2.9: October 16th 2023


Minor version update


Minor version update

2.8: October 10th 2023


Link changed


Changed a link within the app.

2.7: October 10th 2023


Updated 'More Details' link


Updated link 'More Details' that admins see to get to space settings which has admin only features. It was not working properly for some users.

2.6: October 9th 2023


Version 1 of Label Manager by Easy Apps.


Across a space all users can:

Add labels

  • add labels to individual or multiple pages

Delete labels

  • remove labels from specific pages or a group of pages

Across a space system administrators can also:

Merge labels

  • multiple labels can be merged into a single label

Rename labels

  • rename existing labels to maintain a consistency

How to select pages to change labels on:

Search pages by title

  • search for specific pages by their titles

Select a child pages (sub-tree)

  • select a sub-tree of pages and apply the action to all pages within that sub-tree

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