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Getting started: Find and Replace for Confluence

Video 1:29: how it works using a use case

(as seen on the Atlassian Marketplace)

Where to access Find and Replace once installed

Space level

To find and replace across a space, in the left side menu of any page under Apps select Find and Replace.

open space level find and replace.png

Page level

Under More actions in the top right of any page select Find and Replace.

Frame 9.png

One time required step by a system administrator

A system administrator needs to Allow access after installing the app.

This pop-up will appear when they go to Find and Replace by Easy Apps for the first time:

When major updates to the app are made a system administrator may have to do this again. It is not often and only ever after a system administrator manually updates the app under Manage Apps.

Installing the app

Only a system administrator can install apps (sometimes called an add-on or plugin).

Install via the web

Go to the Atlassian Marketplace listing for Find and Replace by Easy Apps.

Install within Confluence

In header menu Apps → Find new apps.

Group 9022.png

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