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Technical notes: Find and Replace for Confluence

Multiple language support

Works with Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Hindi and more (languages not using the Latin alphabet).

Special characters and accents

Works with special characters. Examples: &, %, $, #, @.

Supports accents and tones on Latin and non Latin alphabets. Examples: é, ö, ł, į, č, έ, ώ.

Space size

The app works well on large spaces (i.e. many pages).

If a space contains more than 200 pages the pages are loaded on demand in the page selection. For spaces below 200 pages, all pages are loaded when the app is opened.

Size limits

For generating the find and replace preview, it might take a while until all pages have been searched. Especially when apply to option “All pages in the space” and/or replace in option “Title and body” have been selected.

When only the title has to be searched, it is done in batches of 200 pages, whereas when the search is done in the page body, it is done in batches of 50 pages.

Page change limits

Only 150 pages can be changed at once. The search is stopped at 150 and the preview is displayed. This number has been chosen to make it possible to change as many pages as possible at once on the one hand. Yet avoid long waiting times for preview, risk of changing too many pages by mistake and allowing the app to run without any mistakes.

If you want to change more than 150 pages you need to run the updates in batches of 150 one after the other.

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