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Page title prefix/suffix: Space Content Manager for Confluence

What you can do with page title prefix/suffix

To one or multiple pages:

  • add a prefix to a page title

  • add a suffix to a page title

  • add both a prefix and a suffix to a page title

prefix suffix space content manager.png

How to add a page title prefix and/or suffix

Step 1: access page title prefix/suffix

Once in Space Content Manager select the tab Page title preview/suffix:

Frame 6.png

Step 2: select pages to search

Option 1: entire space

step 2.png

This is the default and searches all pages in the space you are in.

Option 2: choose child pages

Search only child pages with an option to include the parent pages. Only pages with child pages will appear in the search as you type.

Option 3: select pages

Select specific pages to search.

You can only search pages:

  • in the space where you accessed Space Content Manager

  • you can see and have access to

  • for Child pages only those which have child pages

Step 3: insert prefix and/or suffix

Type in the prefix and/or suffix to add to the page title.

Tip: consider using a space after the prefix or before the suffix.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 17.26.18.png

Step 4: preview and confirm

If you choose All pages in space or Pages I select the preview shows automatically as you type in a prefix of suffix.

If you choose Child pages you need to click the Preview button which appears after you select Child pages.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 17.45.08.png


You have the option to deselect pages you do not want to change.


When you are happy with the preview click the Submit button.


The (tick) icon in front of the title means it has successfully changed.

confirmation link manager space content manager.png
  • each page title is a hyperlink to the page

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