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Release notes: Find and Replace for Confluence

3.0.0: March 8th 2024


New: page level Find and Replace, permission settings, help tab


Added page level find and replace:

  • find and replace or convert text to upper/lower case

  • access via ‘More actions’ menu on any page

Permission settings (system admins only):

  • limit each feature by space, group or individual user

  • access by clicking on the button 'App settings' in the app

Help tab:

  • new help tab for easier access to documentation, support and email contact

Added edit permission check:

  • If a user tries to select a page to edit when they only have view permission, the user gets an alert that they are not allowed to change the page, but they are able to see the page in search results

Bug fixes:

  • search no longer limited to 200 pages

  • spaces with 10 or fewer pages now work without any issues

Required scopes changed:

  • Added: read:confluence-content.summary, read:confluence-content.permission

2.3.0: December 15th 2023


Bug fix on page selection


Bug fixed that pages couldn't be found in the search in spaces with a certain number of pages.

2.2.0: November 25th 2023


Allow access prompt removed, dark mode


  1. The allow access prompt, which was shown to every user after app installation or update, has been removed.

  2. Dark mode

Find and replace now supports dark mode. The app's interface will automatically adapt to your chosen theme.

Required scopes changed:

  • Removed: read:me

2.1.0: August 14th 2023


1st release: space level find and replace


Find and replace across a space even if it has thousands of pages:

  • make changes across a space at once

  • restrict find to child pages

  • search only specific pages

  • only search title or body

  • bulk convert to UPPER case

  • bulk convert to lower case

  • detailed preview before clicking replace

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