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How to bulk edit smartlinks using Link Manager for Confluence Cloud
recreated screenshot 13.png

Step 1: open the app

On any page go to More action → Find and Replace

Changing links to Display URL is the default. The other option is to Display Inline.

recreated screenshot 14.png

Step 3: links to change

If you have Confluence links you will see the links broken into two sections:

  • external

  • Confluence

The links appear in the same order as they are on the page.

recreated screenshot 12.png


You have the option to deselect pages you do not want to change.

Step 4: submit

Click Submit when you are happy with what you see.

submit button.png

You will get a popup message that confirms the changes.

confirmation link manager.png

Step 4: reload page

Click on the blue hyperlinked text to reload the page or click reload in your browser.

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