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Getting started: Numbered Headings by Easy Apps

Installing the app

First, the system administrator needs to install the app.

Install via the web

Go to the Atlassian Marketplace listing for Numbered Headings by Easy Apps.

Install within Confluence

Top menu Apps → Find new apps.

Search for “numbered headings by easy apps”.

Click on Numbered Headings by Easy Apps:

Click on “Try it free” to start the evaluation. Note: it’s always free for up to 10 users.

After the app has been successfully installed, a flag is displayed that the app has been added.

How to access Numbered Headings once installed

On any page in the menu bar:

You will get a popup. Click to enable. Expanded options will appear so you can start adding numbered headings to the page.

Required step for all 1st time users

Each user needs to Allow access. This only needs to be done once.

Atlassian has committed to removing this requirement for all users. It would only require a system administrator to do it once.

After access has been granted, the Numbered headings popup will appear.

Need help or have an idea? Email us or see support page.

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