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How to find and replace across a space

Frame 8.png

What you can do

  • find and replace text

  • find and delete text

  • convert to UPPER or lower case

  • replace all or part of URL (admin only)


  • large instances (thousands of pages)

  • most special characters like &, %, $, #

  • languages not using the Latin alphabet

    • Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Hindi and more

How to find and replace

Step 1: select pages to search

Option 1: entire space

step 2.png

This is the default and searches all pages in the space you are in.

Option 2: choose child pages

Search only child pages with an option to include the parent pages. Only pages with child pages will appear in the search as you type.

Option 3: select pages

Select specific pages to search.

You can only search pages:

  • in the space where you accessed the Space Content Manager (formerly Easy Toolbox)

  • you can see and have access to

  • for Child pages only those which have child pages

Step 2: what to replace

Title and body is the default. Option to restrict search to only title or only body.

Step 3: replace or change case

Most of the time the default Replace is desired. But there are also options to convert to upper case or lower case.

Step 4: find and replace



Use as many terms as you wish.


  • most special characters like &, %, $, #

  • languages not using the Latin alphabet

    • Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Hindi and more

Tip: use match case if possible to restrict the results.



Replace text is case sensitive.


To delete terms, enter them in the Find field. Then leave the Replace field blank. Terms to be deleted displays in the preview with a strikethrough.

Step 5: preview and confirm

Click the Find button to preview the changes.

Find button.png

The Find button will change to a spinning icon as the app searches the pages. If your space has a large number of pages please be patient.


The proposed change is highlighted in yellow. Deselect pages you do not want to change.

result to replace.png

If the Replace field is left blank the terms are deleted. They are displayed with a strikethrough.

result to delete.png

Click replace

When happy with the preview click Replace.

replace button.png


(tick) icon in front of the page title means it has successfully changed.

confirmation find and replace.png

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